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The Greater Brooklyn Health Coalition (GBHC), formerly the Greater Southern Brooklyn Health Coalition, was formed in 1997 as a Jewish Community Relations Council project to identify the organizations that best represent the ethnic and faith-based groups in Brooklyn, as well as the healthcare systems serving them.

Today, nearly 140 agencies are members of GBHC, whose mission has extended to community-based organizations, hospitals, health insurance companies, and a variety of healthcare and educational institutions. GBHC’s membership represents the ethnic, faith-based, and geographic diversity of Brooklyn.


To improve access to healthcare, increase prevention, and to effectively decrease the health disparities that presently exist in Brooklyn’s culturally diverse communities.


The mission of the Greater Brooklyn Health Coalition is to create an agenda for action and unity to reduce public health disparities and improve the health of all Brooklyn.


Trust: build trust in the healthcare system by unifying stakeholders and linking the people to the professionals.

Capacity: provide staff development and capacity-building in Brooklyn.

Empowerment: give Brooklyn residents the power to take control of their health through empowerment education programs.


GBHC encourages, links, and strengthens community leaders and residents in all Brooklyn communities by:

- providing training and education,

- building partnerships,

- providing technical assistance,

- advocating for healthcare rights for all,

- improving cultural competence, and

- providing information and resources.


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